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Kryptek Gear From a Womans Point of View

Posted by Karma Gardner on

Why I love hunting in my new Kryptek gear...

I am a woman. I am a hunter. I am also a cold person. I can't help it; I just get cold easily. And when I do, it’s hard for me to get warm or enjoy myself. I used to feel like the marshmallow man when I'd hunt. I tried all sorts of layers: long johns as a base, tights as a base, sweats, sweatshirts, long-sleeved camo shirts, everyday cotton camo pants, fleece vest, Carhart bibbys, a big Carhart coat. The result? I couldn’t move through the forest very well, I couldn’t do it quietly, and…I was still cold! It was very frustrating.

This year my husband surprised me with a new set of Kryptek camo. While I was excited to look cool, I wasn't sure I would be warm enough.

For the past 8 years we have hunted northern Idaho. We know what to expect from the weather in this area. This year it didn't snow, but it was still very cold in the mornings and evenings, on our way to and from our daily hunts.

The first day we went to an area I wasn't very familiar with. We hiked for 3-4 hours, looking for signs and for good spots to hunker down and await the deer. I should mention we hunt as a family. This year we realized our best shot while hunting with our four-year-old was in a blind. Finding a good spot was critical!

Right away I was amazed at how easily I could get around! I felt like I was wearing normal clothes. It was awesome. I could actually maneuver my body like a normal person! I could even lift my legs, move around easily, and actually try to be stealthy, instead of tromping through the forest. I also noticed how “quiet” the pants were. When my legs rubbed against each other, or the brush, I didn’t hear the sounds I used to, like the fabric rubbing against itself. I also didn’t get burrs stuck in my clothing. That saved time and effort later! And, during all the hiking, I didn't get overheated or cold. I just unzipped my jacket and vest when I needed to—easy peasy.

Halfway through the day my four-year-old hiked up to meet me at the top of the hill. The look on her face told me she wasn’t happy, and I braced to hear her complain. Instead, she looked up at me and said, “Mom, I have something sad to tell you. Both you and Daddy are wearing Kryptek, and I'm not!” (Looking forward to that kids’ line!)

Over the next few days I noticed I didn’t need to layer up very much at all. On the bottom half I wore long johns as a base layer beneath my new Kryptek Valhalla Pants. On the top half I wore long johns, my Kryptek Vidar Scout Vest, topped with my Kryptek Cadog Jacket. On the coldest days I also used my Kryptek Valhalla ¼ Zip Pullover Jacket. And…I stayed warm! It was awesome! I did still wear my Carhart bibby's during the four-wheeler rides, for extra wind protection. (My husband doesn't know
four-wheelers can go slow.)

One day, it got warm while we were out. As I removed layers I was able to roll those with thin fabric and stick them in my pockets; others I was able to put in pockets on the four-wheeler.

My Kryptek camo was so comfortable that I didn't feel the need to change out of it to hang out back at camp. The material is soft and non-bulky. The linings of my vest and coat were both kind of fuzzy….very nice! I should mention I’ve been wearing my Kryptek Valhalla ¼ Zip Pullover Jacket around town for the last few months. It's comfortable, lightweight, and easy to carry around since it rolls up into a nice compact ball.

In addition to my clothing, I also received a Kryptek Wyot Balaclava, a Kryptek Kiska Beanie, and a Shadow Cap. I used a combo of the three of these pieces while hunting. The Balaclava was awesome while riding on the four-wheeler to and from our hunting spots. It kept my neck, face, and head warm and STAYED IN PLACE, unlike the fleece neck gator/hat combo I had been wearing for years. I used the Kryptek Kiska Beanie during each hunt to keep my head warm and protected from the wind. It was also perfect for keeping my hair out of my face. I love the Shadow Cap, it might be the softest knit beanie ever! It will be my go-to head-wear this winter. Since it is black it goes with everything! Once again, these items can be rolled up so small, it was no problem to find a pocket to put them into after taking off layers.

I was worried about the fit of Kryptek, since they don't have a ladies line. I have worn men's camo for years and been dissatisfied, since our bodies are so different. Luckily I got a good recommendation from Jana Waller, Skull Bound TV, who also wears Kryptek as a woman. This made me want to give it a try. This year I had an extra challenge, one I’ve had during hunting season twice before—a pregnant belly. Not to worry; we just got a bigger size than I would normally wear. I had to roll up the pant legs, but other than that everything fit just fine. I wasn't tugging at or adjusting my clothing throughout the day.

It was so nice, day after day, not to have to worry about what I was going to wear and how cold I was going to be. It was super easy to get dressed and ready at 5 a.m. and get out the camp trailer door.

All in all, I love my Kryptek gear. I would highly recommend it to anyone, male or female. It made my entire hunting experience easier, more enjoyable and more worry-free. It made me realize what a big difference the right gear can make. This is literally the first season I haven't needed to strategically place Hot Hands in multiple places on my body. :)

Hunting has been a wonderful experience for me. It has definitely changed for me over the years. What started out as just wanting to spend more time with my husband, turned into something I love and look forward to. Not only are we spending quality time together as a family, we get to take in the beauty of the earth we are blessed to live on. We get to see parts of Idaho we wouldn't get to see otherwise. We get to watch beautiful sunrises and sunsets, we get to breathe in the fresh, fresh air. We get to step away from the busyness of the normal world we live in and just be. We get to just sit, just listen, just watch and just feel. We get to marvel at the animals we come in contact with. We get to provide for our family. And we get to do it together. We butcher our own game, so for us it's truly, “from the mountain to the table.” This year, I have to add my camo to the parts of hunting I love. Thank you Kryptek; you made this year exceptional for me.

P.S. I got my deer. All by myself. Year after year, no matter how hard I try, my husband always spots the deer first. He is also very good at giving me directions (reminding me to take a deep breath, steady my shot). I appreciate this, but I also realize that when he is there I rely on him for things I can take care of myself. Even though it may be out of my comfort zone, it feels good to accomplish things by myself. This year was the first year I went from spotting it, to stalking it, to shooting it all on my own. This was a goal I have had (secretly) for years! My husband and daughter were back at the base of the trail. When they came walking up the trail to meet me, I was feeling pretty proud of myself!


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  • I loved reading this!! Definitely makes me want to get some Kryptic Gear.

    Melissa Turner on
  • Karma, way to go! Just like you this is an inspiring and helpful article. Thank you for the tip, now where is my Christmas list, this is going to the top.

    Barbie Johnson on

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