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Cheytac Thanks Dennis Omanoff

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From Cheytac website thanking our good friend Dennis Omanoff for his time with Cheytac USA.

"Dennis Omanoff was an owner and board member of CheyTac USA, LLC and a diligent chief executive officer of the company. While at CheyTac, Mr. Omanoff was responsible for significant company advancement, formation of a strategic direction, and acquiring critical physical and intellectual property assets that set CheyTac up for a successful future. Performance of the company during Omanoff’s tenure set a benchmark by which to measure its subsequent success.

In 2016, of his own accord, Mr. Omanoff chose to sell his interest in CheyTac to investors. Mr. Omanoff remains a strong advocate of CheyTac’s vision and core values, together with its mission to give our fighters a ballistic advantage in their efforts to combat terrorism and other threats around the world. Mr. Omanoff remains a member of its legacy.

Today, Mr. Omanoff retains various patents that are owned by him separately, including for armor piercing ammunition and sighting systems. CheyTac wishes Mr. Omanoff great success in his future endeavors."

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