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MCM Firearms is a division of MetalCraft Manufacturing LLC; we hold a Type 7 FFL with a class 2 SOT. We work with large manufacturers as well as walk-in customers to provide them with firearms, or firearms-related finishes, that will perform for them. We also work with local hand engravers as well as laser engravers to offer customers more than just a coating. At MCM Firearms we apply Cerakote gun coating, Teflon from DuPont, and we also offer plating options. We are not just another Cerakote shop, we have the experience in machining and metallurgy to do just about any custom firearm job you want. 

The team at MCM Firearms has a background in custom car building with show car quality. With that in mind, we approach firearms with the same attention to detail, quality, and pride that has been exhibited in our car-building past. With custom cars, it all comes down to performance, fit, and finish. We believe that your firearm should be the same way.

We have been fortunate enough to be able to team up with great companies and we have a dealer network across the United States. Being able to work with these companies allows us to help customers find what they are looking for. If we don't do it, we know who does and who does it best. This is why we use Cerakote gun coating and Teflon from DuPont, 'cause we believe that they “do it best.”


American made, manufactured in the USA