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Delta S DS9sd pistol

We have teamed up with Delta S to introduce their new integrally suppressed 9mm weapons platform the DS9sd. You can buy just the barrel system to upgrade your current system or purchase the whole pistol!

Call or Email to place your order!

All federal and state laws apply for sales and possession

Mod2 features

  • Delta S 9mm integrally suppressed barrel system
  • Left side charge
  • SB adjustable pistol brace 
  • Hyperfire trigger
  • Choose between Glock or MP5 mag well
  • $2730.00


Mod1 Features

  • Delta S integrally suppressed barrel system
  • Conventional rear charge
  • Blade pistol brace
  • Choose between Glock or MP5 magwell
  • $2572.00

Barrel system upgrade

Not available for pre order sale

Send in your current upper and we will upgrade it with an integrally suppressed barrel system from Delta S!



     Hear it for yourself! Click the link >>>>>>>DS9sd sound testing<<<<<