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Gunsmithing Services

Why should you have to take your firearm to several places for each service item you want? MCM Firearms offers a wide variety of custom services for your handgun, rifle, or NFA items.


Bolt Action Rifle Work

Radial Muzzle Brake Installed (Brake Included) $200
Side Discharge Timed Muzzle Brake Installed (Brake Included) $250
Brake Turned 1:1 $20 Additional
Chambering Short Action $350
Chambering Large Magnum $400
Chambering Short Action Up to $450
Chamber Throating $100-150
Receiver Blueprint & Truing (oversize) $400 + recoil lug
Receiver Blueprint & Truing (standard) $300 + recoil lug
Full Receiver Bedding $200
Front & Rear Tang Bedding $150
M16 Extractor $160
Stock Inlet $100
PTG Recoil Lug $45
Load Development $500-1200


Handgun Work

Vertical Slide Ports (3-4 per side) $75
Top Window Cutout $65
Side Slot Cutout $85
RMR Cut (must have optic with slide, no cover plate) Contact us for quote



Barrel Fluting

Contact us for quote

Bolt Fluting


Bolt Handle Fluting $65
Skeletonized Bolt Handle $65


Barrel Threading

Rifle Barrel (Thread, Crown, & Generic Thread Protector) $165 (muzzle device required at time of threading to verify alignment, if custom)


Laser Work

NFA Engraving $55

Additional charge for teardown, reassembly, & test fire: $65 for AR's, rifles, & most handguns; $75 for XD's, bullpups, MPX, & some sigs.