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Water transfer printing (hydro dip) offers a wide range of photo quality finishes for you to choose from! An additional charge for teardown and reassembly will be added for most firearms. Special order patterns cost an additional $65. Most items will be double dipped with over-lapping print on the seam lines. To avoid over-lapping print please ask about our premium service.

Complete Shotgun (Stock, Forearm, Barrel, Receiver, End Cap, and Trigger Guard) $175
Complete Shotgun (Over & Under) $200
Shotgun Stock $70
Shotgun Forearm $55
Shotgun Barrel $85
Shotgun Receiver $65
Complete Rifle (Barrel, Action, Stock) $180
Black Powder Rifle $180
Rifle Stock $110
Target or Thumbhole Stock $150
Rifle Barrel $95
Rifle Receiver $95
Scope Rings and Base $40
Choke Tube $20
Extension Tube $30
Bolt Handle $25
Trigger Guard $20
Floor Plate $20
Complete Pistol $150
Revolver Frame $100
Pistol Slide $75
Pistol Frame $75
Pistol Grips (Set of 2) $35
Complete Bow (Riser & Limbs) $170
Bow Riser $90
Bow Limbs (2 Standard or 4 Split) $85
Bow Cams or Wheels $40
Bow Quiver (Top Only) $90
Bow Stabilizer $35-$55
Bow Quiver Hood $30
Complete Bow Quiver (Non-rubber Parts Only) $65

Note: These items will have to be fully submerged in water; no warranty will be issued. Contact us for more information.