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Precision Rifles

MCM Firearms precision rifles are hand crafted with the highest consideration to accuracy within the trade.

-Every custom rifle barrel is turned on a manual lathe in a fixture that allows us to ensure the machining is perfect to the bore. We DO NOT hold barrels in a collet because doing so does NOT allow the machinist to adjust for changes in the center line to profile dimension.

-Indication of the center bore is checked a minimum of 2 times during the tenon and chambering operations. This guarantees accuracy and ensures the end product will be square and true as each component is assembled.

-Barrels are turned at low rpm with HSS tooling to achieve the utmost in machining accuracy. The end result is 0.5moa guarantee.

Pricing starting at $3,500. The basics include the following:

  • Your choice of stock (list of options available for serious inquiries)
  • Any stainless barrel from Bartlein or PROOF .30 cal or smaller
  • Fully trued and blueprinted action
  • Fluted bolt
  • Bedded, floated, and channeled
  • 0 or 20 MOA scope base
  • Solid color Cerakote
  • Single or two-stage trigger
  • Bottom metal
  • Case
MCM Firearms Precision Rifles

MCM Firearms Precision Rifles

MCM Firearms Precision Rifles - disassembled